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Thermal science, energy technology, building physics - Fisica tecnica

Thermal engineering and industrial energy systems − ING-IND/10 − Fisica tecnica industriale
Basics and applications of applied physics in the industrial and agronomic field. The main focus is on: basic thermodynamics, thermo-fluid dynamics, heat transmission, energy engineering, thermo-economics, the thermodynamic, economical and environmental analysis of energy processes and the rational use of energy in the manufacturing area. Particular attention is given to experimental studies in: thermal energy transfer and the thermo-fluid dynamic behaviour of conventional and mini-micro systems, micro-thermo fluidics, development of knowledge regarding thermophysical properties of materials and thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of fluids, problems regarding the use of renewable energy sources, cogeneration and high efficiency productive processes, the design of thermotechnical plants and components, heat pumps and cooling systems, environmental and acoustic analysis, thermo-fluid dynamics measures and adjustments for proper investigation and diagnostics and control.

Building physics and building energy systems − ING-IND/11 − Fisica tecnica ambientale
Basics and applications of applied physics in civil, architectural and environmental engineering regarding architecture, territorial planning and industrial design. The main focus is on: basic thermodynamics, thermo-fluid dynamics, heat transmission, lighting, acoustics, rational use of energy, use of renewable energy sources and energy service management in buildings and urban landscapes. Particular attention is given to experimental studies in: confined environments, recording and processing of environmental data, buildings energy analysis, environmental thermo-fluid dynamics, natural and artificial lighting, environmental and building acoustics, problems in environmental comfort and conservation of cultural assets, active and passive strategies for environmental monitoring and air-conditioning systems. Physical and technical topics related to the planning of energy and environment, diagnostic methods and mitigating techniques, including lighting and acoustics used in studying the environmental impact are also subject of this field.


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Il Laboratorio di Fisica Tecnica promuove la ricerca, la sperimentazione e la progettazione in campo sia industriale sia edilizio, al fine di ottimizzare le prestazioni tecnico-economiche, energetiche e ambientali di processi, prodotti e materiali innovativi.
Call for the funding of research projects aimed at energy efficiency actions and use of renewable energy sources in urban areas - (Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea).

The main objective of the research project consists of the design and the development of an experimental prototype that optimizes the performance of the building in terms of energy efficiency through an innovative system of thermal energy recovery from domestic wastewater of buildings. Even if its enthalpy content remains low, this energy resource, retrieved and stored properly, can again be a source of energy for winter heating and summer cooling plants, as well as for the production of domestic hot water.

The noise abatement plan of a road network

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The Italian legislation prescribes that the managing authorities of transportation  infrastructures have to prepare a noise control and abatement plan. During 2013 the Department of Engineering of the University of Perugia developed the noise abatement plan of the road network owned by the Umbria Region and managed by the Province of Terni.

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