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SAVE THE DATE -Smarter Engineering for Industry 4.0 (SmE4I4.0)

17-23 settembre 2017
Perugia, Polo di Ingegneria - Via Goffredo Duranti, 93
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Industry 4.0 or the forth industrial revolution has been opened by the astonishing rise in computational power and connectivity. Paradigms of production change: new forms of human-machine interaction are required (touch interfaces, augmented-reality systems, etc.), and new technologies for transferring digital instructions to the physical world are needed (advanced robotic, 3-D printing, etc.). Students will be exposed to topics such as:
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Digitalizazion, Modelling and Simulation
  • Data Security
  • Deep Learning
  • The role of electrification and automation in the agriculture of the future
  • Telemedicine
  • Human-Machine Interfaces



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Orientamento per le Lauree Magistrali - Video

Published on 29-06-17 in Events by Tufi Francesca

Giovedì 25 Maggio, ore 17.15 Dipartimento di Ingegneria – Aula 3 Un evento per conoscere meglio i corsi di laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica per l'Internet-of-Things e in Ingegneria Informatica e Robotica. {youtube}ndDkVIpWEMQ{/youtube}

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Published on 23-05-17 in Research by Cianetti Filippo


SOFTWIND - PRIN 2015  www.softwind.it E' on line il sito web del PRIN 2015 finanziato dal MIUR, Progetto di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale dal titolo "SOFTWIND turbines" Il progetto coordinato a livello nazionale dall'Università di Camerino vede...

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Prospettive occupazionali al top per laureati in Ingegneria

Published on 21-05-17 in Research by Bianconi Francesco

Secondo il nuovo rapporto di Almalaurea il 93,6% dei laureati magistrali in Ingegneria trova occupazione dopo un anno dalla fine degli studi e con lo stipendio più alto di tutti gli altri laureati (€ 1.717...

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Computational Colour Imaging Workshop - 2017

Published on 05-03-17 in Research by Bianconi Francesco

We will be present with one paper and one tutorial at the Computational Colour Imaging Workshop (CCIW'17), to be held in in Milan, Italy, from March 29th through March 31st, 2017. This is an international...

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