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Radio Wireless Week 2013

Written by  Monday, 21 January 2013 23:38
January 22 2013 Luca Roselli gave a presentation to the Radio Wireless Week entitled:
"Chip-to-package wireless power transfer and its application to mm-wave antennas and monolithic radiometer receivers"
Luca Aluigi, Trang Thai, Manos Tentzeris, Federico Alimenti, Luca Roselli

and on January 23 Manos Tentzeris gave a presentation to the same conference entitled:
"An IPv6-enabled wireless shoe-mounted platform for health-monitoring"
Chiara Mariotti, Vasileios Lakafosis, Manos Tentzeris, Luca Roselli

Abstract Aluigi's paper:
A new contactless assembly method for MMIC and antennas on LCP substrate is presented. Electromagnetic simulations show the feasibility of the proposed approach. As a benchmarking topology at the working frequency of 35.4 GHz, an Archimedean spiral antenna matched to a heterogeneous transformer, which couples the power received by the antenna to the chip, has been simulated. Transistor level circuit simulations are also proposed for the LNA and the detector, which together will constitute the system-on-chip (SoC) radiometer to be integrated in the LCP-SoP.

Abstract Mariotti's paper:
An innovative wearable, partially self-powered, health monitoring and indoor localization shoe-mounted sensor module is presented. The system’s novel shoe sole serves the double role of (i) medical-grade temperature probe for human body monitoring and (ii) renewable energy scavenger, which transforms the human motion to electrical energy. Mounted on the shoe is also an NFC reader for proximity-based localization purposes. An AdidasTM-logo-shaped dual-band communication antenna is fabricated that exhibits great performance despite the close proximity to the high lossy human body. The proposed platform can be extended to other sensors applications, for example by embedding into the sole normal and/or shear force sensors in order to monitor the sport performances of the athletes as well as to improve the rehabilitation techniques.
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